From classrooms to continents: the love for ReadTheory is real

“It's an invaluable tool for developing reading comprehension skills. It provides great bitesize reading for reluctant readers and ESL students.”

Michael T., Teacher
Teacher Love

“Students learn by tracking their data and setting goals. It’s THE BEST comprehension intervention program I’ve used in over 30 years of teaching!” 

Kara G., Teacher
Indiana, United States

“I have been using Read Theory in South Australia for over 5 years. I love it when my students get excited about their growth from their pre-test to date. I use ReadTheory to supplement my reading program to assist with comprehension, especially inferencing.”

Val C., Educator
Teacher Love

“ReadTheory is one of the best web tools out there for English Language Learners! I have ReadTheory to thank for bringing one of my students from a Grade 5 to a Grade 9 reading level in just 12 weeks!”

Lena U., Educator
Teacher Love
Teacher Love

“Read Theory has helped my  students to increase their vocabulary usage by challenging themselves to ‘level up’ 
on Read Theory.”

Amber T., Teacher
Georgia, United States

“It has motivated my students immensely, it's the first activity both my classes do every day. They have come to love Read Theory and look forward to their daily reads.”

Dr. Yanetsi, Educator
Florida, United States
Teacher Love
Teacher Love
Teacher Love

“We started with a class average 
of 275 Lexile Level, and with ReadTheory we met our 
600 Lexile Level goal!”

Anne S., Educator

“ReadTheory helped me to hit the needs of every single student without making a whole bunch more work for myself. It is a true one-stop shop for ensuring student growth and success.”

Caitlyn H., Educator

“I teach primary (Y5 in the UK) and have been using ReadTheory for quite a few years. My students told me yesterday that they can't wait to get home to read again on ReadTheory.

Christa V., Educator
United Kingdom
Teacher Love
Teacher Love

“ReadTheory provides accountability. Students who might use the time for other activities know that the teacher can monitor what they are reading, how well they are doing, and how long they are on.”

Jen W., Teacher
California, United States

“It improves my students' reading comprehension and gives me solid data on their reading levels and comprehension.”

Kerry O, Teacher
Hawaii, United States

“What really matters is that they’re learning and that they’re progressing, so I give all my students the pre-test and their 
goal is to reach the appropriate grade level.”

Kelly S., Educator

“My students know to log into ReadTheory for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of class. They know  how to check their own progress and to check how many quizzes they’ve completed for the week.”

Kevin J., Educator

“It allows students to progress at their own individual rates with no social pressure or shame; they can also self-monitor, which they appreciate.

Toni M., Educator
United Arab Emirates
Teacher Love
Teacher Love

“I facilitate class discussions 
by asking my students to choose 
a ReadTheory story for a presentation.  I have them talk to the whole class about it or they can video themselves and show the video in class.”

Carrie K., Educator

“I use Read Theory as a way for students to practice their reading skills at home or when they finish early. It's an amazing resource that is endless. Students will always have something to practice without printing anything.”

Brittany W., Educator
Florida, United States

“I like Read Theory for Response to Intervention. It frees my time for one on one while students engage at their level, at their pace.”

Denise R. Teacher
New Jersey, United States
Teacher Love

“I teach 7th grade ELA, and we have been using ReadTheory here for several years. I like how I can track student progress over their 6th and 7th grade years.”

Stephen P., Educator
California, United States
Teacher Love

“I like being able to see how students did on a particular question so I can help them think through where they made 
a mistake.

Marybeth B., Teacher
Hawaii, United States

“Data is presented to students in 
a gamification layout which motivates them to set goals, work consistently, and self-assess. 
It raises the bar by increasing student executive functioning.”

Jeronda C., Teacher
Georgia, United States

“The students are willing to read on ReadTheory because the amount of reading is not overwhelming. Also, the students get immediate feedback.”

Pam B., Teacher
Texas, United States
Teacher Love
Teacher Love
Teacher Love

“I love the way the program automatically detects the student’s level and adjusts based on performance. I also love being able to track their progress and having solid data of the areas where they're struggling in reading.”

Lauren S., Teacher
Virginia, United States

“ReadTheory has been an incredible resource for our school since we teach English as a second language. Having a resource that targets students' individual levels and gives detailed feedback has been invaluable.”

Daniel M., Teacher

“The gamification aspect of the program has really gotten students excited about reading. It prepares them to be active learners and to take responsibility for their own learning.”

Michael D., Educator

“The differentiated passages allow each student to work at their own pace. The vast library of quality reading passages assure that all students will be given material that will challenge them to grow as active readers.”

Kary H., Teacher
North Carolina, United States
Teacher Love

“It improves my students' reading comprehension and gives me solid data on their reading levels and comprehension.”

Kerry O., Teacher
Hawaii, United States

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