ReadTheory adapts to help your students grow

Designed by educators, for educators, ReadTheory provides high quality reading comprehension practice to students of all levels.

Differentiation is at the heart of what we do

You know that every student is different. We designed ReadTheory to celebrate and support those differences. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” model of education, we go the opposite direction. We believe every student deserves to have a curriculum that is customized around their specific needs.

Our adaptive AI helps determine a students’ level and then assigns them passages that are perfectly tailored to their abilities. Each passage is assigned and graded automatically in our system. As students begin to show improvement, they’re presented with slightly more difficult passages. If they begin to struggle, our program will provide slightly easier passages to boost their confidence until they show that they’re once again ready for a challenge. In this way, ReadTheory works in tandem with educators: providing just the right balance of challenge and support.

Used around the world

With over 18 million students across 175 different countries, ReadTheory has established itself as a positive force for students across the globe. From our humble beginnings in a community college in rural North Carolina, ReadTheory has grown over the past decade to include a diverse multi-national team of technical and content experts who are committed to being a positive force for good. Our skilled team of writers are all current or former teachers and bring a combined 100 years of education experience to every passage, article, and lesson plan found on our site.


Learn more about ReadTheory and our team

Check out our additional “About Us” pages to learn more about the history of ReadTheory and the skilled professionals who work hard to ensure that ReadTheory keeps growing and innovating.

Keep in touch!

ReadTheory has always relied on teachers to spread the word about our program and to help us continue to grow and improve. Please reach out to us via the contact us page if you ever need help, want to share your success, or have an idea for how we can make ReadTheory even better.