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Mary K, 11 grade teacher

ReadTheory motivates the kids to do more. They are hooked.

Mary K., 11-grade teacher

The kids love it. They even ask me
to ‘do ReadTheory’ when they wait for others to finish their test.

Simon E.A., middle school English teacher

Don’t lose time manually
checking your students’ work!

Save your time

Avoid spending countless hours creating new reading comprehension worksheets and tests.

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From K-12 to adult education (ABE) – ReadTheory proudly serves them all.

ReadTheory is perfect for reinforcing English as a second language and thousands of students in Asia, Africa, and Europe are currently honing their skills with ReadTheory.

Why Teachers love ReadTheory

1000s of exercises & worksheets

Our ever-growing database of
ever-green passages fits every level of
reading and guarantees your students
will never get bored.
ReadTheory has enough texts for
year-round reading comprehension
practice, including home practice.

Tracking & analysis

Track your students’ progress throughout the year with easy-to-understand reports. Easily identify struggling students and high-performers.
Quickly analyze performance on the individual level and class level.


All of our texts are accurately aligned to grade-level standards and a Lexile measure is provided for each, so you
can trust your students’ performance
metrics and reading level.

Captivating content

Our content fits every culture and every country and is one of the main reasons why students around the world love using ReadTheory.

Upgrade your curriculum with a modern tool that kids love.

Simple to use

Creating an account and adding students is easy as 1-2-3 (or A-B-C?). If you don’t feel comfortable with technology but would still like to use ReadTheory, simply reach out to our support team.


ReadTheory’s reading comprehension practice is adaptive and caters to the individual’s needs. Our solution automatically recognizes the student’s reading level and matches them with the appropriate text and questions.

Take the pre-test.
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