You’ve heard about it, read about it, and maybe even tried it. Yes, we’re talking about just two vowels that are jam-packed with power: AI. 

But what is AI and can you effectively infuse it into your ELA lesson plans? AI, or artificial intelligence, combines computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving. That’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo. 

All you need to know is we’ve researched the top AI tools specifically for ELA and ESL teachers to streamline lesson planning, differentiate content, auto-grade, and more! This way you can spend more time teaching and less time planning and grading. 


What is the relationship between teachers and AI tools?

Recent research by EdWeek has shown that 50% of educators are hesitant about trying AI for the first time.  However, since this study launched, teachers who started experimenting with AI have been pleasantly surprised. For example, 82% of teachers using ReadTheory’s new AI Passage Builder reported having an excellent or great experience with the tool! 

Teachers report AI has the power to save time, deepen accuracy, differentiate learning and more. What does this actually look like? Let’s say you want to create a worksheet with questions on a certain topic and at a specific Lexile level… you could use ReadTheory’s passage builder to create the content in under two minutes.


How do AI tools help students?

Manually grading assignments can be time-consuming, leaving students in the dark about their progress. ReadTheory’s adaptive AI technology provides students with immediate, valuable feedback in real time, as they answer questions. It also personalizes learning for each student as it continuously adapts to students’ ability levels. It focuses on helping students solve problems by providing hints and thought-provoking ideas rather than just spitting out answers. 


Do all teachers use AI in the same ways?

No! The tactics and methods for incorporating AI into your classroom should be as personalized as the learning itself. From lesson planning to progress reports, answering parent emails and more – the possibilities for AI are endless.


So now, the part you’ve been waiting for. We’ve vetted and compiled our favorite AI Resources that will help you save time so you can get your weekends back!  

  1. ReadTheory: Personalized reading comprehension exercises for K-12 and ESL students with features such as a leveled algorithm to meet unique student needs by differentiating passages, reward badges to motivate students, and automatic grading and reporting to be used for progress reports, IEP writing, and more.
  2. Lexi AI Passage Builder: generates custom-tailored reading passages and associated multiple choice questions as printable PDFs on any topic at any level. 
  3. ChatGPT: an interactive AI chatbot that interacts conversationally and can provide users with creative or factual responses.
  4. Canva Classroom Magic: a set of AI tools created for educators, which includes elements like Magic Design, a complimentary AI design tool facilitating the creation of visual content, and Magic Write, an AI text generator aiding in the generation of written materials.
  5. Curipod: generates an interactive slide deck for you in seconds that includes polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and a drawing tool.
  6. Education Copilot: provides AI-generated templates for lesson plans, writing prompts, educational handouts, student reports, project outlines and more.
  7. Audio Open: automatically transforms any voice notes (articles, memos, emails, etc.) to publish-ready text 
  8. Quizizz: creates custom assessments, instruction, and practice that now includes an AI enhancement that can adjust question difficulty, check grammar, and redesign questions to reflect real-world scenarios. 
  9. Slidesgo: gives access to Google Slides templates and an AI Presentation Maker where all you need is a topic and a tone and the work is done for you.
  10.  Pictory: uses advanced AI technology to help turn written lessons, scripts or articles into captivating videos


When you combine your unique teaching methods with the power of AI tools, you are truly unstoppable!


What AI tools are you experimenting with? Drop a comment below.

Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager
Written by Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager

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