Teachers, you’ve been asking for another reading challenge and it’s here! We’re excited to announce ReadTheory’s Nationwide Test Prep Rally Competition for all K-12 and ESL students!


We may not want to admit it, but test prep can be kind of… well… boring! It’s time to revolt against monotonous test prep, and celebrate academics just like we do sports. With our reliable, easy-to-use platform, your students (even struggling readers!) will be cheering each other on as they read engaging passages in just a few clicks.


So get ready to motivate students to read, compete with classrooms nationwide, win prizes for your class and… make test prep FUN this year!


Here’s how it works…

1) Accept the Challenge

If you already have a ReadTheory account, you’re automatically entered! Compete as both a classroom and a school by inviting fellow educators to rally with you (Double the chances to win in each category!).


2) Earn Knowledge Points!

As students practice on ReadTheory, your classes will start earning Knowledge Points. Need a refresher on our Knowledge Points system? Head here


3) Track Your Progress on a Nationwide Leaderboard

Monitor your class and school progress on the Nationwide Leaderboard. To make things fair, we’re breaking down Small, Medium, and Large class sizes so it’s an even playing field for everyone. Every week, you get a fresh start and opportunity to be a Weekly Winner! 


4) Boost Achievement and Win Prizes 

Win prizes for your class all semester long and celebrate progress together. Boost students’ state assessment scores, and have some fun along the way! 


About the Sweepstakes 🏆 🎊

Surprise prizes will be awarded weekly in each category and announced on the Leaderboard every Tuesday. For the Grand Prize Winners, announced  at the conclusion of the competition on May 1st, 2024. ReadTheory will honor both the leading Classroom and School in each category. So, double your chances to win! Each Grand Prize winner will get a FREE celebration pizza party and a Gift Card! All #PrepWithReadTheory finishers will receive certificates to hang in their classrooms! (Bragging rights included.) 


Top reasons to join:

  • Boost state test scores with personalized, adaptive practice for each student
  • Create fun, lasting classroom reading routines
  • Work towards a common goal together!
  • Celebrate joining the #PrepRally with a certificate for each student
  • Get the chance to win classroom prizes all semester long! 

Questions? Visit this FAQ Document! More questions? Email us at support@readtheory.org. Follow us on Instagram and X for the latest updates!


Want to learn some legal mumbo-jumbo about the competition rules? Keep reading!

Terms & Conditions of the Test Prep Rally Competition organized by ReadTheory.org for the dates of Feb 1, 2024 – April 30, 2024:

Contest Organizer: The promoter and organizer of the give-away is ReadTheory.org. The way to contact the organizer is via email at support@readtheory.org.

Mechanics: Participants will need to “opt-in” by signing up for a free ReadTheory.org account.

Established Periods: Points can be earned by students within the entire period of the competition beginning at 12:00AM EST February 1, 2024 and running until 11:59PM EST on April 30th, 2024. Winners will be announced by 1:00 PM EST on May 1, 2024.

Prize: Weekly prizes in the form of ReadTheory bookmarks or stickers will be awarded to the top small, medium, and large class. The grand prize consists of a $200.00 USD Amazon Gift Card and a pizza party for the four grand prize winners (one for the top small, medium, and large class size categories and one for the top school overall).

ReadTheory.org reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this contest as it sees fit. Competition entries not valid where prohibited by law.

Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager
Written by Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager

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