Summer reading – re-imagined. No tedious book logs, no book reports – just reading! 

Summer slide, also known as summer learning loss, is a phenomenon that affects many students during the summer. According to research, students can lose up to two months of reading achievement during the summer break.

This loss is particularly pronounced for students from low-income families. They may not have access to the same educational resources as their more affluent peers. In fact, a study by the National Summer Learning Association found that by the end of fifth grade, disadvantaged students can be up to three years behind their more privileged peers in terms of reading achievement. These statistics highlight the urgent need to address summer slide and ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to continue learning during the summer months. 

This year, we want to help empower teachers, summer school leaders, tutors, and families with a program that’s proven to both improve reading comprehension AND spark deep engagement. And as much as we love all things digital, we want to give students the opportunity to have their heads out of devices this summer as well! 

Whether you are a teacher, tutor, or guardian – your students can participate in ReadTheory’s summer reading program! Here’s how to get started:

Step #1: Create your free account.

First things first, make sure you sign up for a ReadTheory account. You can create a free account or opt for premium features for a small monthly fee. 

Step #2: Allow students to set their own goals.

Use the Go for the Goal with Summer Reading Sheet to allow students to set their reading goal. Research shows when students set their own goals – they are more likely to meet, and exceed them so don’t skip this step! 


Step #3: Take the summer pre-test.

Once your class is set up and you invite your kiddos to the platform, they will be prompted to take the summer pre-test. This will let you track their progress from the beginning of the summer until the end of the summer!

Step #4: Use the BINGO cards.

Download and print the ReadTheory BINGO cards. ReadTheory Bingo allows students to choose how, when, and where they read! Summer is all about stimulating the mind, body, and soul. Encourage students to read while learning a new recipe, checking out a local bookstore – and of course, gaining those badges and streaks on ReadTheory! Once students get 5 in a row – have them fill out the Finalists Form so they can be honored in our Digital Hall of Fame where we’ll be highlighting students who make reading a part of their summer!

Step #5: Have FUN!

Somewhere along the way – with standardized tests, EOG reviews, and recovering from the pandemic’s learning loss – reading got a bad rep! Reading turned into a chore to check-the-box, rather than an opportunity to fuel the mind. So this summer, above all else, remind students to have FUN with this! That’s why the center card is a FREEBIE. If students choose, they can pick how they use this card and how they incorporate reading into their summer. 

ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved
Written by ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved

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