The ReadTheory team is always working to provide teachers with the most innovative technology available, in order to help you make more impact and work more efficiently. In fact, AI has been a part of ReadTheory since 2018 (one could call us trendsetters!) 

Sometimes though, that comes along with taking some risks, and we have to be honest – we were nervous before launching our AI passage builder. Recent data reported that educators were very skeptical about artificial intelligence. A recent EdWeek survey indicated that nearly 50% of educators expressed reservations, ranging from mild concerns to strong apprehensions about the subject. To our surprise,  educators around the globe have gone against this data, embracing ReadTheory’s AI tool, sharing it with others, and giving us an abundance of positive feedback. 


What does the AI Passage Builder do?

The tool is used to create tailored reading passages on any topic and any level and the steps are simple and quick.

1. Choose any topic.

2. Choose a grade level.

3. Review the generated passage and make edits if you’d like.

4. Review the associated questions  and make edits if you’d like.

5. Provide your email address for delivery of a PDF of the material you’ve generated.

6. That’s it! You can also download the materials directly from the site.

What are teachers saying about the tool?

Thousands of educators worldwide were actively exploring the ReadTheory passage builder within minutes of launching. The impact spread quickly as the experience gained momentum and started trending in online teacher community groups.


One ReadTheory user and dedicated educator, Hamilton Quezada, states “The new ReadTheory passage builder is amazing. The fact that we can choose a topic is highly useful because it can match the content that we are covering in class on those days. I have been using ReadTheory with my students and it definitely has had a positive impact on their reading comprehension skills and vocabulary expansion.”


We also conducted a poll within ReadTheory’s user base for more feedback, and it revealed  that 82% of teachers intend to harness the tool for aligning content across subject areas.


How can I access the passage builder?

Teachers can access the passage builder for FREE here: https://readtheory.org/teacher-worksheets/ 


So what topic will you teach today? Go ask Lexi to build a passage with a corresponding quiz. We look forward to hearing your feedback and building the next generation of readers with you! 

Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager
Written by Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager

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