Teachers, we’ve heard your requests and we’re excited to offer you our very own NO PREP ELA activities that are overflowing with fall vibes! 🍂

With Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving-themed resources ranging from worksheets perfectly matched to ReadTheory passages to stimulating writing prompts, your students are bound to have a wickedly fun time demonstrating their knowledge and showcasing their creativity. These wrap-around curriculum activities will weave ReadTheory into your lessons like never before. 🕷️

We’ve even included competition trackers and reward certificates that you can use to increase engagement. Still waiting to decorate that bulletin board? Well, we’re providing everything you need to create an interactive experience for your students. Preview just a few pages below!

How can you access this Halloween treat?

You can unlock the Fall Lesson Bundle by signing up for a ReadTheory Premium account. This allows you to assign specific passages to your students, including those themed for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


What types of resources are included?

  • No-prep Printable Worksheets

Word scrambles, poetry, and rolling a story with dice . . . we’ve gathered the most popular activities for you to give your students. All you have to do is print them out!

  •  Writing Prompts

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand, and we have created some prompts that align to our passages. These prompts give students an opportunity to write their own spooky tales or describe Thanksgiving dinner using their five senses. 

  • Passage Aligned Discussion & Debate Starters

Want to get your students talking? Use our discussion starters to find out how students really feel about fall-themed topics. Do they believe schools should be closed on Halloween? Would they rather cook or clean up the Thanksgiving dinner? Have the students defend their positions with solid reasons. Be prepared to moderate as students choose sides! You can even make it more interactive by having students stand on opposite sides of the room, depending on their opinion.

  • Certificates & Trackers 

Students love being acknowledged for their hard work. We’ve included an achievement certificate that you can award to  students at any time as well as progress trackers for students to fill in each time they make progress on ReadTheory.

  • Bulletin Board Cutouts for Knowledge Points Ceremony 

Our Rising Star bulletin board cutouts will make it easy for you to transform your classroom into a rewarding experience. Students will be proud to monitor their progress on the bulletin board (or your classroom door!) as they periodically move their stars up.

  • Fun Friday Activities

Work some creative Halloween fun into your Friday lesson and get students talking and engaging! These games and activities are sure to fill the room with laughter.

Get the Lesson Bundle Here!

Win a Class Pie Party! 

Starting to use these resources in your class? Snap a picture of your class using ReadTheory this month to celebrate the Fall festivities in your Lesson Bundle and you’ll be in the running to win a gobble-worthy class Pie Party! 🥧 Ice cream included (obviously.) 

Tag us in your post on social media, and fill out this quick form. Winner will be announced on November 30th!


What else do you get with Premium?

As a Premium Subscriber you’ll also unlock ELA Curriculum Standards Reports, an ads-free experience for your students, and the ability to assign specific passages that align to your curriculum. On the fence? Check out more about it here!

ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved
Written by ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved

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