Big News – ReadTheory Revamps its Offering for Schools & Districts!

So we have to start this blog post off by saying thank you. With over 18 million students across 175 different countries, teachers are improving reading comprehension for students in classrooms around the globe on ReadTheory —  and we wouldn’t be here without you. 💙

If you didn’t know, we came from humble beginnings. ReadTheory was designed by an English Teacher in North Carolina.  Over the past decade, we’ve grown organically through word-of-mouth without any advertising. Just one teacher telling another and telling another…

Now, your whole school can use ReadTheory. The expanded school and district program will soon centralize efforts across the school community, integrate with your Learning Management Software (LMS), and offer deeper student performance data.

If you are a ReadTheory teacher and you want to tell your administrators about the new School and District package, you can direct them here. If you are a Premium Subscriber, and your school purchases ReadTheory because of your introduction, we’ll refund your personal expense. You can schedule a demonstration and invite your administrator to join you here

Thanks for being on this journey with us. 

Happy Teaching!

ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved
Written by ReadTheory Staff, Reading and Writing, Improved

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