Heads up admins – Are students in your school signing in to educational apps with Google Single Sign On (SSO)?


If so… you need to know that Google is making some changes to SSO starting on October 23rd, 2023 and your students might have trouble logging in. 

We know… annoying. Hey we don’t make the rules, we just follow them! 

You’ll need to review and green-light access settings for third-party apps (like ReadTheory) by October 23, 2023. This ensures students under 18 keep uninterrupted access. 

Here’s how you can verify ReadTheory as an authorized tool:

  1. Go to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Click Web and mobile apps.
  4. Click Manage apps.
  5. In the search bar, type “ReadTheory.”
  6. If ReadTheory is not configured in the Google Admin console and you are a school administrator, you will see a message that says “This app is not configured.” You will then have the option to configure the app. Follow the on-screen instructions from this point forward and skip the rest of the steps below. If the app is already configured, you will see it pop up. Select “ReadTheory” and follow the steps below
  7. Under Users and Groups, click Edit.
  8. Select the All Users group.
  9. Click Save.

Once you have completed these steps, all students in your school will be able to access ReadTheory using their Google SSO credentials.

Confused? Well, we don’t blame you.  Here are two videos made by Google that might help. 

  • This video explains the actions a school admin needs to take to review existing apps
  • This video explains the actions the school admin needs to take to review new apps 

How can I get more support?

Talk to a real-life human! (We know, it’s rare these days.) Just email support@readtheory.org 

Why is this change important?

Third-party app settings are important for protecting users’ data. By reviewing and confirming access settings for third-party configured apps, school admins can help to ensure that students’ data is only shared with authorized and super safe programs like ReadTheory.


What are the benefits of using ReadTheory?

ReadTheory is a research-based reading comprehension program that helps students of all ages improve their reading skills. ReadTheory offers a variety of features that make it an effective reading intervention program, including:

  • Personalized learning paths: ReadTheory uses a variety of data to create personalized learning paths for each student.
  • Engaging content: ReadTheory offers a variety of engaging content, including articles, stories, and nonfiction passages.
  • Data-driven instruction: ReadTheory provides data-driven feedback to help students track their progress and identify areas where they need additional support.


How can I learn more about ReadTheory?

To learn more about ReadTheory, please visit www.readtheory.org 

Written by Courtney Cioci,

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