Reading Competition: Feb 1 - Apr 30, 2024

Test Prep Rally

Motivate students to read, compete with classrooms nationwide, win prizes for your class and make test prep FUN!

How it works…


Accept the challenge by signing up for a free ReadTheory account.


Start earning Knowledge Points as students practice on ReadTheory.


Monitor student progress and performance on a Nationwide Leaderboard!


Invite fellow teachers
in your school to join the challenge.


Get the chance to win prizes all semester long!

How does my class or school win?

Earn the most Knowledge Points! To make things fair, we’re breaking down Small, Medium, and Large class categories so it’s an even playing field for everyone. When you invite fellow educators to rally with you, in addition to your class category, you’ll also compete as a school. (Double the chances to win!)

What are Knowledge Points?

Knowledge Points are ReadTheory’s way of tracking and rewarding student growth. They spotlight genuine reading over skimming and reward students with badges and points for right answers. You can see your students’ Knowledge Points in your teacher dashboard. Check out the Knowledge Points Calculator.

What are Knowledge Points?

Win prizes all semester long!

Each week, you get a fresh start to win prizes for your students. Weekly 1st place winners in each category are announced on Tuesday mornings on the Leaderboard and will receive a surprise package in the mail!


Cumulative 1st place Grand Prize winners for the semester will be announced on May 1st, 2024. So, double your chances to win! Score a Pizza Party and a $200 gift card when you’re a grand prize winner in your category!

Invite fellow teachers to Prep Rally with you!

The elephant in the room is test prep can be kind of… well… boring! Revolt against boring test prep, and celebrate academics just like we do sports… with a Test Prep Rally with ReadTheory this year. Stay tuned for chants, posters, trackers, and more!


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