The International Society for Technology in Education is hosting its annual conference, ISTELive, on June 25-28 in Philadelphia.

This event always gives educators the opportunity to discover what’s next in education, engage in hands-on learning experiences, build their professional network, and more.

Whether you are attending for the first time or you are an ISTELive pro, now is a good time to prepare for the conference.

As former ISTE attendees, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to make the most out of your ISTE experience.

     1. Set Goals

You might be attending the conference to explore certain topics or to find a new digital tool for your class. Perhaps you’re looking to make new meaningful connections in the field. Maybe it’s all of the above! In any case, focusing your attention on certain goals will help make your experience more meaningful.

     2. Do Your Homework

With 900+ sessions available, you’re going to need to take out your planner and start recording your daily conference activities. You can search online for sessions that align with your professional goals and favorite them now and save important ones to your calendar with the room/location. Then, fill in any gaps in your schedule by setting up meetings or browsing the booths. By planning in advance, you can make the most of your time while at the conference. 

     3. Explore What’s NEW

If there’s any conference to learn what the future holds for education – it’s ISTE! How will AI impact classrooms next year? What role does VR play in college exploration? Rumor has it, ReadTheory is in the process of building a new tool that uses AI to personalize learning for students and build literacy across the curriculum. Get an early look at what this looks like, and be a part of the future of education by scheduling a time to meet up and experience it! We’ll be spilling the beans on the latest ways we’re helping schools and districts boost reading achievement. And we can’t wait to see you there.

     4. Expand Your Circle

If you’re looking to network, it’s a good idea to do some connecting ahead of time. Search for “#ISTELive” on social media to find keynote speakers, sessions, and edtech companies who may not have already been on your radar. As easy as it is to be connected digitally, don’t forget to look up! Who is in front of you in the coffee line? Who is sitting next to you when you arrive early for a session?

     5. Take Notes

While at the conference, bring a notebook or tablet to jot down notes. Reflect on how you can use any new ideas in your own classroom. Consider sharing your notes with colleagues and administrators during a post-conference professional development presentation.

     6. Earn Extra Credit

After the conference, follow up with your new connections by continuing your conversations through email or phone calls. Follow each other on social media. Consider collaborating on future projects, and start thinking about next year’s event!

We hope you found these suggestions helpful. Please comment below with any ideas of your own. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @ReadTheory, for more tips and updates.

Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager
Written by Carolyn Vento, Marketing Engagement Manager

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