Bee Eaters
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Image of a bee-eaters perched on a wire. One of them is holding a honeybee in its beak. Image is in the public domain.
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Bee-eaters are birds that eat...well...bees. Technically speaking, they eat "flying insects". Honeybees are their favorite. (Though they will eat a wasp from time to time.)

Now, you might be wondering exactly how a bee-eater eats a honeybee. After all, a honeybee doesn't seem like a meal that goes down easy. What about its stinger? And what about the venom inside it?

Here's how it happens. First, a bee-eater catches a honeybee in its beak. But it does not swallow it right away. It hits and rubs the honeybee against a hard surface. It does this repeatedly. It hits and rubs and hits and rubs and hits and rubs. After all this hitting and rubbing, the honeybee's stinger eventually falls off. And the honeybee's venom leaks out. The bee-eater can then eat a tasty (and safe) meal.

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