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Do you recognize this insect? Chances are you do. It's a ladybug (also called a "ladybird" or "lady beetle").

Most people know what a ladybug looks like. Their red wings and small black spots are easy to remember. And if you forget, it's usually not long until you are reminded. Did you know there are more than 5,000 species found all around the world?

Most people think ladybugs are good insects and do not mind having them around. They are nice to look at. Plus they eat pests in gardens, agricultural fields, and orchards. Some species of ladybugs, however, are not so welcome. The Epilachninae species is one of them. Unlike most ladybugs, Epilachninae do not feed on pests. Instead, they feed on plants. Epilachninae can have a devastating effect on farms that grow grain, potatoes, beans, and other crops.

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