Told You
Grade 3 , 630L
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Image of a misty highway. Image is in the public domain.
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"We should stop," I said.

Mary rolled her eyes as we passed another gas station. Just then I heard a beep and a light flashed on the dashboard. I didn't have to look. I knew what it was. The car was telling us we were almost out of gas.

"Told you," I said.

"Thatcher," said Mary, "just be calm." Her fingers closed tightly around the steering wheel. A heavy mist began to roll over the highway.

"I am calm," I said. "This is getting serious. Maybe we should turn around."

"There's a gas station just over this hill," Mary replied, nodding ahead.

We crested the hill and saw no gas station. I looked sideways at Mary. She scowled back at me. I shook my head. I couldn't help feeling anxious.

"Just around this curve," Mary said, "There's a gas station just around this next curve. You'll see."

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